First Bible Stories for Boys

Packed with 42 accurate stories from the Bible, this is a great daily book to read with your kiddos.

Every once in a while, our local grocery store in Quito, Ecuador (SuperMaxi) would carry books in English. Surprisingly, I have several great books we bought there over the years! I snagged this one a couple years ago — it was too advanced for my son but I wanted to have it for later years. Fast forward..

For the last few months, we’ve worked through it, one story at a time, during our nightly family Bible times. Each story is written on only one page and is accompanied with one picture on the adjoining page. It’s not specifically designed to be read “one a day,” but it worked well for that.

First Bible Stories for Boys touched on more stories than most kids’ Bible story books tend to. I appreciated that.

But they weren’t all written very well. Admittedly, our almost-three-year-old was probably still a little young for some of the stories, but even if our children were older, the stories weren’t always clearly articulated. My husband and I had to explain a lot or reword some of the stories (always matching the Bible, of course).

It wasn’t the worst book I’ve ever read in this genre, but I wasn’t thrilled by it. I will say it’s likely we use it again in later years just for variety, so that’s a positive note. Since we bought it on another continent than we live now and I’ve never seen it anywhere since, I did a little Amazon search and see that you can find it, but I’d recommend just buying it used from places like Thriftbooks.


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