Lord, I Want to Know You {by Kay Arthur}

{Christian book review} Lord, I Want to Know You by Kay ArthurWould you ever have thought that a bunch of girls in their 20s and 30s would want to get up early enough for a 6:30am Bible study? Surprise! It’s true. We’ve been going on for about a year now, meeting every Thursday, and it’s a blast. We have read/studied a variety of books and I thought I’d share the latest one we just finished…

Lord, I Want to Know You, by Kay Arthur is an in-depth look at various names for God. Just knowing more about why God is called what He is called can bring you to a better understanding of who He is in your life.

The author only quotes from the King James Version (KJV), which is fine, but I enjoyed having a couple other versions nearby to compare as the KJV can use unfamiliar language at times.

Besides that, it was overall easy to read. The book included relevant examples and real-life stories to assist in drawing the picture she was portraying. We (the girls and I) liked certain chapters over others, but that’s to be expected. If my memory serves correctly, the two most loved names we studied were Jehovah-shalom and Jehovah-raah. Don’t know what those mean?  Read this book! Kay will tell you all about them…and all the other awesome names of our Lord.

Although she has it separated out by days (for study organization), she also had chapters. Chapters varied in how many days they had within them, so it was always changing how much we read for each week. It was a bit confusing and not always possible to have same-length weeks.  Sometimes we had a to read a very small amount; other times, all we did all week was read!

Confused about why God has more names than just “God”? That’s okay! This would still be a good book for you to read to help explain. The author does a great job in pointing to passages in the Old Testament when, in the original Hebrew language, God is referred to by these different names. It has everything to do with the situation, what’s happening and why the people in the stories began knowing him by this name.

My complaints are few. My joy is great. I fully recommend this book to be added to your “to read” queue – whether you work through it individually or in a small group. If you read it, tell me which is your favorite name of God!

Have you read it? Do you have any specific recommendations for other good small-group studies?


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