Crabgrass & Oak Trees {by Jonathan Almanzar & Aaron Havens}

Crabgrass & Oak Trees (a book review)

This review was actually written (by me, of course) a couple years ago. I thought it important to include in my reviews on this blog.

I gave this book 5 stars and I’ll tell you why. It was not because of the grammar, spelling or punctuation…because those weren’t the best and actually had errors in the published printed book. It was not because of the writing style, because honestly it was quite bad at times – choppy, rough transitions and sometimes you really had to concentrate or re-read a passage to figure out what the writer was getting at. Because there are two authors, I wonder if one is just much worse at spitting out his thoughts than the other because it seemed to go up and down in that area.

No, I gave this book 5 stars because of its content – its idea or its method of explaining what the Church really is. The analogy between crabgrass and an oak tree was a unique way of comparing types of persons in the church. You’ll have to read it to really understand the details of each and why they use these as representatives but throughout the whole book they would tie it back to that picture. It was overall very well done and had many many good “thought nuggets” to chew on.

Now, I did not take the time to check all their scripture references or match every little thing to the Bible, so don’t quote me on saying it’s perfectly Biblical sound. In my experience, however (whatever that is), they were pretty right on. I recommend it to all people in search of direction on how to live a more and more Jesus-like life and I commend the authors on their perspective.


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